Probate Court April 17, 1826

Joseph HUEY one of the administrators of the estate of the late Thomas Huey deceased came into court and made Settlement with said estate as follows, to wit, The said administrator presented an inventory of all the goods and chattels by him sold belonging to said deceased Amounting to four hundred and sixty three dollars and eighteen cents, and made oath that the same contained a true and perfect accounting of all the goods that Chattles by him administered, which said inventory after being duly examined and approved was filed in said court, that said administrator also collected due the said Thomas Huey in his life time ou? ?ouds notes judgements accounting to the sum of one hundred three dollars and eighty seven cents which said account was certified by said administrator and filed in said court, as aforesaid making a total amount of money by him collected ,including the amount of sales, of five hundred and sixty seven dollars and sixty cents the aforesaid Administrator also presented to the court an inventory or list of sundry notes and --- generates and accounts all due the sid Thos. Huey in his life time and as yet not collected by said administrator accounting to the sum of one hundred sixteen dollars and fifteen cents.

The said adminstrator also presented to the court sundry acounts for funeral expenses and debts due from said estate to sundry persons (and paid by him) also his account against said estate for services rendered as administrator and percentage 7 accounting in all to the sum of eighty dollars and one cent all of accounts was examined allowed and filed in said Court, leaving a balance due to estate in the hand of said administrator of the sum of four hundred and seventy nine dollars four cents, after deducting the sum of eighty eight dollars and one cent the amount of his account against said estate one as aforesaid ,exclusion of the sum of one hundred and sixteen dollars and fifteen cents being the amount due on note judgements and accounts and not as yet collected by said Adminisrtatoras 9 far account on file in said court. Ordered that court adjourn s ?? till court i?? course.

Harry Wilton

Judge of said court

Submitted by Evelyn Reynolds