Last Will and Testament of Henry Stroot deceased

I Jan Henry STROOT farmer of the town of Breese Clinton County Illinois, declare this to be my last will and testament.

1st I request my exector to have read for the last repose of my father, stepfather, my late wife Maria Anna, and my sons Bernard and Clemens sixty ordinary masses to wit for the sum of sixty (60.00) dollars.

2nd I request my executor to have read for the benefit of myself One hundred and fifty ordinary masses for which I bequeath the sum of One hundred and fifty Dollars. I also request one high mass within six weeks, one within three months and one within six months and one within twelve months from my decease to be read, which shall be accounted for pro rata in above mentioned amount it is to be understood that these rites are to be performed according to the usage of the Roman Catholic Church.

3rd I give and devise to my son Bernard Henry STROOT my homested in the Town of Breese and being One Hundred & Twenty acres also Twenty Five acres of Timbor land in Sugar Creek and also Ten Acres of Timber land ion Shoal Creek which devise shall count in value eight Thousand Five hundred Dollars.

4th I give and devise to my son Anton STROOT the old MUSENBROOK farm in Madison County Illinois containing One hundred and Twenty Acres which devise shall count in value Six Thousand Five Hundred ($6500.00) Dollars

5th To my daughter Anna Maria PEEK wife of Gerhard Peek in Breese Illinois I give and bequeath the sum of Five Thousand ($5000.00) Dollars.

6th I give and bequeath to my wife Lena Angela the sum of Five Thousand ($5000.00) Dollars without discount or deduction, also all the house furniture and horse buggy and a cow also the privilege of living during her natural life in the two west rooms of the homestead divised to my son Bernard Henry, and the divise to him shall ?clude this part stated.

7th I also give and devise to my wife Lena Angela the property in the village of Aviston Illinois now occupied by Christ LAMPE containing house and two lots.

8th Funeral expenses and a suitable monument for me shall be take from the funs of the estate.

9th I give and bequeath to the Herz Jesu Hospital in Aviston the sum of One hundred ($100.00) Dollars without deduction.

10th It is my desire and will that my three children Bernard Henry, Anton and Anna Maria shall share equally in the balance of the estate after the other mentioned bequests have been paid. Should not sufficient assets be on hand one shall pay to the other sufficient to equalize the devises, that is to say they shall share alike whether by lands or money.

11th I give and bequeath to the Roman Catholic St. Francis Church in Aviston One hundred ($100.00) dollars without deduction.

12th I hereby appoint Gerhard PEEK of Breese Clinton County Illinois as my executor of this my last Will and Testament.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 22nd day of November AD 1886.

Jan Heinrich his x mark STROOT [SS]

Signed sealed and delivered as his last will and testament by him the said Jan Henry Stroot, in presence of us, declaring it to be his last will and as witnesses thereof, we have in his presence and the presence of each other subscribed our names thereto.

Clemens FOPPE


State of Illinois } SS In the County Court of said County}

Clinton County } In Probate November Term AD 1886}

Personally appeared in open Court Clemens Foppe and Bernard Holthaus subscribing witnesses to the annexed instrument of writing, purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Henry Stroot late of said County deceased,, who being duly sworn according to law do depose and say, each for himself that he was present and saw the said Henry Stroot sign said Will in their presence, and that they believe that the said testator was of sound mind and memory of lawful age, and under no constraint when he signed said Will.

Subscribed and sworn to in open } Clemens Foppe

Court this 11th day of December AD 1886 } Bernard Holthaus

Louis ELWANG County Clerk } Filed Dec 11th 1886}

Louis Elwang Co Clk

Transcribed by Melody Reissen 27 May 2003 from Family History Center microfilm # 1007839 Clinton County Wills 1857-1914 Vol. A-C


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