In the name of God - Amen - :

I Joseph Kuhner of the town of Looking Glass County of Clinton and state of being of sound mind and memory but being aware of the uncertainty of human life do make publish and declare this my last will and testament.


I recomand my soul to God who gave it.


With respect to my worldy estate I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Rosina Kuhner my real estate described as follows: The South West quarter of the North East quarter 40 - acres; also the West part of the North half of the N. East quarter of the NW quarter of sec. 14 all in town one North Range 5 West of the third principal meredian including all the cropes that may grow on said lands.


I give and bequeath to my wife all my personal property with the exception what is named in paragrpah 7.


Provided that my wife Rosalia Kuhner shall have full possesion of all the above described Real Estate and of all the benefits accruring thereon for the time of her life.


After the death of my wife my Real Esate shall come to the hands of my five children Rosa Singler, Caroline Nagele, Maria Essenpriess, Jos. Kuhner and Charles Kuhner being equally divided among them after all my just debts are paid.


To my son Jos Kuhner I have given 1 span of mules donation for labor done on parental farm which shall under no consideration be charged to him.


I give and bequeath my son Charles Kuhner one span of horses to him mules which he may choose at thi own option out of my horses or mules together with harness for 1 span


Lastly I do Nominate and apoint my wife Rosalia Kuhner as the executrex of this my last will and testament and that my wife shall not be held to give bond as executrix in witness where of I have hereunto at my hand and seal this 13th day of March-1886

Joseph Kuhner <>

The above instrument consisting of one sheet was now hereto written by Jos. Kuhner the Testator in presense of each of us and was at the same time declared by him to be his last will and testament and we at his request sign or names hereto as attesting withness New Baden, Illinois March 13th - 1886


Leo J. Monken

Whereas I Joseph Kuhner Senior have made my last will and testament in writing bearing date March the 13th 1886 and now by this said writing which I declare to be a codicil?? to my will and to be taken as a part thereof I do give and bequeath to my son, Charles Kuhner the best wagon I have, one sulky??, one cow or hefer 2 good plows and harrows also my share in the reaper and mower.

And lastly it is my will that this present codicil be adjuged as part of my last will and testament to all intents and purposes in witness whereof I have set hereinto my hand and seal this First day of May 1890.

Joseph Kuhner <>

Transcribed by Bradley Wheeler

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